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“Take a trip to Australia to explore the red desert and enjoy the nature of the antipodes.”

– Bob Sendler

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Everest Camp Trek

Camp trekking is for many the ultimate adventure. It’s synonymous with pioneers and explorers of the past. It is liberating to walk in a land without roads and without permanent settlers. There are no people, pollution or cars, just the wind blowing and the vast expanses of ice mountain

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USA National Parks Vacations

Do you ever dream about setting off on a road trip through National Parks across the United States, leaving behind everything? I know that I have. Although I have been on several epic road trips, including a huge west coast National Park roadtrip (twice), and another cross-country road trip, I still want to book a couple of USA National Park tours packages this year to enjoy new experiences.

Walking Holidays

Walking holidays are a great way to get out and about in a place, taking in the scenery. You’ll see the country from its mountains and coastlines, villages to deserts, and even the villages. You can choose from either guided walking tours for groups or self-guided walking holidays.

Explore The World

You can take a polar expedition to the south of the continent. You can sail across the Drake Passage to reach Great White Continent, or you can fly on one of our fly-and-cruise trips. You can cruise amongst huge icebergs looking for wildlife such as penguins, seals, and whales. Antarctica, Australia, Canada, United States, Africa, South America, Europe tours package? We cover all.

Adventure Holidays in Australia

Australia is a great destination for adventure and action-seekers. The Outback is a vast, dusty area that surrounds the Great Barrier Reef. There are also countless other places of interest around it. The lush rainforests of Daintree, Cape Tribulation’s palm-fringed beaches and the glittering Gold Coast are just a few of the many attractions. There’s also the indigenous culture that dates back to 50,000 years, the forgotten Outback towns, shining new cities, vibrant youth culture and top-quality eating and drinking.

Australia is huge, yet it is one of the most sparsely populated countries on Earth. It has landscapes that are so varied and wild, they include multiple time zones and climatic zones. Australia holidays can be a long and difficult journey but they are well worth it.